jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

This is our blog of the project we did.

Project Proposal Prezitation ;)

This is our project proposal presentation. This project is about how the Secondary School Primitivo Alonzo could apply technology in their English classes. Our proposal was to use a blog so that the students can practice the listening and vocabulary skill through Hot potatoes match activity, recording a podocasting about their last vacation and making a video introducing themselves. I will share the link of this blog with you. I hope one day they take into account this proposal because we did our best effort and we really enjoyed doing it. :)


martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Rubrics (Y)

Well...this is a rubric that I and Adrian made it in oder to grade an activity we are going to do in our final project. In the activity two classmates have to record a video in which they will introduce themselves and then with the information given the other partner has to introduce his/her classmate. With this, they will practice the listening and the speaking skill :) 

lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

Podcasting activity

This audio is from my TE class. It is about podcastings and how we can aplly in ESL. Enjoy it.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Reflection u.u

During this course I have realized that technology not only helps us to communicate with others but also the technology is an efficient tool that helps us today to do a lot more. But in education has become very important, because with it we can do  much  helpful the learning process. Not only  we can learn a new language, we can also learn Matematics, Geography, History and many more subjects. But for us that we will become teachers is very helpful to all we can do with it. From finding information, to be able to take online classes no matter how far you are.

What most caught my attention is the last thing we've seen in class, which is about podcasting. Some U.S. universities are beginning to use it. It is very interesting to me because it is true that students do not come to much class for the busy schedule they have. So, for this won’t be longer a problem for either the teacher or the student, teachers record their lessons and then they uploaded into podcasting for students can then download it to their iPods. This way if they can not attend classes they can hear the class wherever they are and take notes or check the most importante info. I like the idea that not necessarily you have to go to the university. If you are working you can easily hear your class or in your break or when you leave work, but of course not everyone will have the resources for a iPod or the internet for download.

Another thing I've seen in class and I liked is Glogster you can add very funny things to your presentation and definitely you could develop your creativity. But if this is not your thing and you want more a presentation format Prezi is a good choice that also liked. Only the disadvantage of this, I feel, it is a program that takes a long time to load. 

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013


Here is my wiki...There are some things I still don't learn. But I hope soon I can improve. While here I leave some info about wikis ;)

Para usuarios de Internet Explorer: Acceder al wiki

viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Mindomo Presentation

This is our Mindomo presentation. I did it with Adrian! We had to explain the advantages and limitations of two instructional methods, in this case, about Demonstration and Drill and Practice. I did not enjoy working with Mindomo as I enjoyed with Blogster because it was not really interesting for me. I prefer working with Prezi or Mindomo, anyway, it's a good program!